Western Micrographics offers complete technical support on all the products and services we offer. Our trained staff can handle any troubles that might pop up; from one time setup and training to extended comprehensive support contracts, we are here to help you solve any hardware or software problems that might arise and get you back […]


Digital scanning is the answer to your paperwork storage nightmares. Western Micrographics provides document scanning, indexing, and archiving and retrieval services for a wide variety of applications. Scanning documents can be a cost effective alternative to the long-term storage of paper. Scanned images properly indexed can also become an electronic filing cabinet accessible via a […]


The use of microfilm dates back to the 19th Century. These days, microfilm is still the safest & most economical method of storing records and remains the bedrock of the data imaging industry due to its longevity (there are examples of microfilm which remain perfectly usable despite being over 100 years old) coupled with its […]

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