The use of microfilm dates back to the 19th Century. These days, microfilm is still the safest & most economical method of storing records and remains the bedrock of the data imaging industry due to its longevity (there are examples of microfilm which remain perfectly usable despite being over 100 years old) coupled with its ‘technology proof’ format which is oblivious to continual changes and improvements to the operating systems and software used on modern business machines.

We convert images and data from all types of media from rare books to existing computer files. Methods range from single page processing with manual data entry to high-speed OCR/ICR, forms processing and media conversions. A growing number of clients use our conversion expertise and fax to email to integrate and deliver content into their own web sites. Our successful project management and data conversion experience is backed up by outstanding references in government and almost every paper-intensive industry.

Did you know that all permanent government records are required to have a legal archival backup? Digital files are subject to lost corruuption or hacking. Hardware data bases and cloud base storage is also vulnerable. Microfilm is forever, digital is not.

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